In-Person services and Covid-19

We are re-engaging using our indoor facilities because we have seen our effectiveness in fulfilling our mission substantially reduced. We are doing so with these restrictions because we want to be as submissive as we can practically be to the governing authorities, while still fulfilling our mission. We will . . .
  • Encourage social distancing through communication, teaching, and the way the large room is set up.
  • Encourage, recommend, and model the use of masks in circumstances where social distancing is virtually impossible to maintain, especially including in the interaction spaces of the hallways and restrooms.
  • Encourage the use of more effective masks through teaching.
  • Communicate that the use of masks will allow us to be less stringent on social distancing, thus allowing for more meaningful conversations and fellowship.
  • Have masks available and signage that explains our practices.
  • Masks would be recommended but not be required during the services as people are seated with their family/household groups.

Other adjustments include:
  • Eliminate refreshments.
  • Continue increased cleaning of facilities.
  • Have sermon notes and announcements for pick up from a table.


Other resources Regarding COVID-19 Decisions:

Then & Now
A two-page chart that covers THEN and NOW – what has and has not changed. It is very difficult to summarize many hours of discussion in a couple of pages, but here’s an attempt.
Civil Disobedience
An initial draft of a 3-page guide, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE – CHECKING OUR HEARTS. An effort to help us know how to make the decision to disobey any authority God has placed over us. The questions included provide a good heart-check for all of us.