6th - 12th grade Students 


6th - 12th grade Students 


6th-12th Grade Students

What Is Powerhouse?

POWERHOUSE is Trinity Fellowship’s effort to reach each one of the students of West Central Michigan and to help each and every young person grow in their walk with Jesus. It exists to help students where they are in life and to equip them for living a life for Jesus in the wonderfully adventurous teenage years and beyond. Powerhouse encourages a culture of service and leadership, with the goal of sharing God’s love with others. Finally, our prayer is that through the small groups, Bible teaching, topical studies, and just having fun together, students will be able to leave Powerhouse as young adults who will stand firm in Christ Jesus.

Charge | Sunday's | 10:45am - 12:00pm

Generate | Sunday's | 6:15pm - 8:30pm 


Loving (Worship)

Exposing students to the grace, love, presence and heart of God, through a relationship with Jesus Christ and shared to a lost world and between His children, the Community of Jesus Christ.

Relating (Warmth & Witness)

Engaging students and adult leaders toward the necessity of a loving, supportive and caring community, by way of experiences which will yield an increased dependance on the Lord, and sensitize them to the voice and leading of God’s Spirit, while encouraging the development of trust and confidence, problem-solving, and the value of cooperation and contribution within and outside of the Community of Christ.

Learning (Word)

Guiding students toward a Biblical lifestyle that is reflective of their love Jesus Christ, and is observed by their character, scriptural knowledge and confidence in conversing and introducing Him to those within their circle of influence.

Serving (Works & Wisdom)

Empowering students and adult leaders to utilize their passions, abilities, gifts and talents and strengths in declaration of God’s transforming work in their lives, as well as inspiring and equipping them to contribute in making spiritual and lifelong impact within this student generation. Furthermore, by outfitting parents with practical discipleship tools that will help direct their family toward spiritual health, unity and understanding.

Powerhouse Team

Dillon Gatehouse

Youth Director

Sam Hulet

Powerhouse Ministry Assistant

Julia Haarer

Powerhouse Administrator

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