One of the Evangelical Free Church values is that the local church should be under the accountability of the local membership. Since Trinity Fellowship is “congregational” in organization, membership is very important since we need to know who is empowered to vote and hold an office in our body Because we think that only believers should be members, the elders take seriously the process of interviewing people before they are voted upon by the membership for addition to the membership rolls.

We are also convinced that the local believer who has joined the fellowship should be actively involved in the ministry of our church. As it states on our annual recommitment form:

“I hereby publicly renew my commitment to the Lord God, to seek Him and serve Him with all my being. I also recommit myself to the body of believers at Trinity Fellowship Evangelical Free Church, to support them and our work together for the Lord by my prayers, attendance, contributions, and the faithful use of my God-given spiritual gifts. The Lord being my helper.” 
Church membership in a local fellowship is healthy and normal for all believers. The elders have written a paper entitled, “We Love the Church,” that gives the biblical case for being vitally connected to a local body of believers. Please make sure to read it and be reminded of what God's Word says.

Those interested in becoming a member of Trinity Fellowship can join an "Exploring Membership" class to learn more about Trinity Fellowship and what membership means.